Item 2 Q1 – Credibility Web page examples

06 Nov

Presumed Credibility – Australian Red Cross website

The Australian Red Cross website is an example of Presumed credibility as it is a well known charity organization and is recognized by many users as being a reliable non-profit organization.

Australian Red Cross. (2011). Retrieved from Australian Red Cross website:

Reputed Credibility – WebMD








WebMD is a widely recognized Heath website that is used to promote healthy options and provide a ‘Symptom Checker’ for people who may be suffering from physical ailments, but does not provide drug recommendations, diagnosis, or medial treatment to its users. In the bottom right of the web page it can be seen that the website is endorsed by TRUSTe, URAC and HONcode (indicating that it has received the Health On the Net certificate). 

WebMD. (2011). Retrieved from WebMD website:

Surface Credibility – University of New South Wales

Our first impression of this website is that it is credible and reliable simply because it is and Educational website and is part of the University of New South Wales website. Without having to do any further investigations the user feels safe about the websites content because it is attached to a University.

 Cognitive Load Theory. (n.d.) Retrieved from UNSW Arts and Social Sciences website:

Earned Credibility – Krav Maga Australia + Oceania 

The Krav Maga Australia + Oceania website has been a reliable source of information on the Krav Maga martial arts. It has provided me with up to date information and support from others studying Krav Maga and accurate information for classes, equipment, camps and additional training. It is a well organized and run website that is reliable and has consistently provided all the information needed for students of Krav Maga.

 Krav Maga Australia + Oceana. (2011). Retrieved from Krav Maga website:


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