Item 2 Q1 – Activities

06 Nov

Automatic Cars are a surprisingly common product found in our every day surroundings. By being an Automatic car, it reduces the Cognitive load placed in the driver, especially in the case of Learner drivers as they do not need to learn how to use gears. Automatic cars also reduce the Kinematic Load placed in drivers as they do not have to physically change gears at any point throughout their drive.

Automatic Driving Lessons Warwick. (2008). Retrieved from Crystal Driving School website:

Power steering is a common feature in cars today, many of us won’t buy a car without it as it greatly reduces Kinematic Load whilst driving. Power steering makes driving a car much easier as you are not forced to put any real effort into steering during your drive. It lessens the strain on the driver and makes the drive an easier experience.

VW: Steering wheel suggests counter steering. (2006). Retrieved from Foursprung website:

Power Windows are an effective way to reduce Kinematic strain on the driver and passengers of a car. In older models of cars the user would have to manually wind down the window, whereas with Power Windows they need only press a button. It could also be said that Power Windows reduce Cognitive strain on the driver as they are not required to focus on anything more than the road, and the act of pushing a button does not risk breaking concentration.

Isuzu Trucks: N-series features. (2009). Retrieved from Isuzu Trucks website:


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