Item 1 Q3 – Psychology in Design

06 Nov

A study of psychology is necessary in design if you wish to effectively communicate with your audience. The psychological effects of colour, text layout, pictures and overall presentation are important in drawing in your audience and keeping them. If you were to design a website about the benefits of Meditation, you would not have flashing banners and bright red images, you would design it with calming colours in mind such as green, blue and white and if you were to have changing images, you would have them softly fade into one another, rather than flashing around the screen. This is all to create a calm environment that aids what you are attempting to communicate to the user. Likewise if you were attempting to advertise Paintball to young men, you would not go with the calm meditation approach. In design you must focus on your target audience and cater to what they will relate to and care about.


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