Item 1 Q3 – Anticipated Issues

06 Nov

– The site requires a paid subscription to gain access: Foggs’ research has indicated that this has become an issue, with both the 1999 and 2002 research groups responding unfavourably to it. A website demanding money in exchange for access is usually perceived as being immediately suspicious and raises concerns about theft, blackmail and fraud. As our already paranoid society gets bombarded with stories of stolen identity and theft through the internet, a website demanding money will immediately reduce its credibility and many people will close the page as soon as money is mentioned.

– The site takes a long time to Download: Many internet users have grown accustomed to receiving fast access to information, making some internet users impatient. Because of this when a page takes too long to load many users will simply abandon it as it indicated that there is a fault in the websites design, or in some cases, it indicates that the website may be trying to download ‘something else’ onto your computer. With our growing concerns for privacy and safety on the internet, this will become a greater issue as we become more accustomed to fast connections and downloads, and less tolerable of having to wait patiently.


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