Q2 – Examples

04 Nov

Almost any Apple product is a fine example of consistency within technology with each Apple product following a similar design and with almost identical controls. The appearance and usability of Apple products has become immediately recognisable to users across the globe, with the on screen display and controls remaining consistent with Apple Ipods. Likewise the Apple computer, with its immediately recognisable interface has become favoured by many users for its simplicity and layout. Should Apple computers suddenly choose to change their entire interface this could cause many problems for users as the design will not be consistent with previous models and will force the user to relearn how to operate the system. 

APPLE iPod Classic 160GB Silver. (2011). Retrieved from Dick Smith website:

The Microsoft Windows interface is one of the most easily recognisable interfaces in the computing world. Over the years the Microsoft has made quite a few changes in how its operating system works, however these changes have been quite gradual over the years and many of the main features have remained the same. It you were to compare Windows 98 with Windows 7 you would find that Windows 7 has more features, a different layout and different features. However many of the iconic Windows features have remained the same, such as the Windows logo, the ‘start’ icon being present and located at the bottom left of the screen and the organisation and location of files and documents. Should Microsoft choose to suddenly scrap their current Windows layout and interface, abandoning all consistencies with previous versions and create an entirely new one, this new version of Windows would risk being poorly received by users.

Microsoft windows. (2011). Retrieved from Microsoft Windows website:


Red is most commonly recognised as a warning sign in our society. It is not unusual for us to see a red sign while driving and, before we have even red it, instantly view it as a warning. This is because we are conditioned to view red as a warning (except on Valentines day). If the colour red was suddenly changed to being a good thing, and the colour green adopted as being the warning colour, it would take some time for people to adapt, and this could be dangerous for many drivers on the road. Because we are conditioned to expect red to mean ‘warning’, this must remain consistent in order to maintain safety in dangerous environments.

24″ x 24″ Reflective Aluminum STOP sign: Stop Do Not Enter. (2011). Retrieved from Stop Sign Xpress website:

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